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Nuclear_Dawn_-_Gate_FPS_01At this moment in time, first-person shooters *are* gaming. I don’t think that’s an unreasonably sweeping statement. Call of Duty, Titanfall, Halo, Bioshock, Destiny, Borderlands… you can dress up the action in whatever environment, period or graphical style you like, but the core experience of seeing through the eyes of a gun-toting badass and shooting dudes in the face is fundamentally the same and instantly recognisable. It’s easily been the most popular style of game for the past five years, but I’ll tell you right now: its popularity won’t last forever. Not unless it changes to stay fresh and relevant.

Don’t believe me? Look at the Star Wars-inspired space shooters of the 1980s. The platformers of the early 1990s. The racing games of the mid-’90s and the rhythm action titles of the noughties. They were everything, but where are they now? Sure, there are still occasional great games in those genres like Resogun, Link, GRID Autosport and… er… Theatrythm (cough), but they no longer control the industry like they once did. Even the open-world GTA clone sandbox game has started to decline.

So while I was

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The Player is Too Good

When riding the train, I play games on my phone, and the game I play the most is usually Hearthstone. The game is so addicting that I almost miss my stop because I’m so focused on winning. There’s one thing about the game that aggravates me, and that’s how hard it is to get coins. I had to go to to find out how to get more of them, because I wasn’t getting enough of them on my own. Now if I could only figure out how to beat this one player who I always encounter on the train.

This one player has a deck with all kinds of rare cards that I’ve never been able to obtain. I wonder if he had to use some kind of special cheat to get them. I shuffle my deck each time and think of new strategies to use on this player, but none of them ever work. He always finds some way to counter my strategy and just pulls the right cards at the right time. Continue reading “The Player is Too Good”

Top-3 racing games on modern gaming consoles

A video game industry has produced a lot of amazing games but today we will talk about top 3 racing games, which are the most relevant for the latest generation of consoles. Keep on reading this article to learn what is hot in a Video Game Industry today.


MARIO KART 8is one of the best racing games of our time. Although, the Mario Kart series have always been not so much about race as about action. This is especially true for online mode – people who have never tried to compete with rivals online (or at least via a private network on portable Nintendo DS / 3DS), can be said that they have never played this game.

MARIO KART 8 is based on a fairly simple principle: the heroes of the games about Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and other Nintendo-mascots, ride go-maps along fabulous roads and shoot at each other with whatever they happen to pick on the road: bananas, fire flowers, shells (the most lethal of which is the blue one that hits the played directly before you), bombs, boomerangs, etc. The task is to come first as soon as possible and to collect as many coins

I Found a New Game That Keeps Me Occupied

Years ago, I used to have a lot of fun playing a popular video game where the characters in the game rode in racing carts that I had to maneuver and race around. It was a lot of fun and it helped me to relax. I started asking around to find out what other games are out there like that, and friends told me that there’s a really popular one right now that I should play, and that I should look for the Real Racing 3 hack to go along with it because it really adds to the experience.

Knowing that today’s games are a lot different, I figured that I would have to do a little reading to get caught up. Continue reading “I Found a New Game That Keeps Me Occupied”

Why You Need to Game and Buy a Gaming PC

Nowadays, video games are becoming more realistic and easier to access. Trailers for new games are showing up online and competing for airtime. Game developers are hiring experienced graphic designers and artists to lend their creative ideas. As a game player, keep up with all of the advancements that are popping up in the industry. One simple way that you can keep up is to invest in a gaming PC. With a specially equipped computer, enjoy the many demands and benefits of gaming.

The Benefits of Gaming                               

Playing video games is one way to promote your creativity and artistry. Creating video games is the ideal job for developers, artists and actors who want to become more creative. They are allowed to create imaginary worlds full of interesting characters, settings and situations.

As a gamer, benefit from playing games that stimulate the eyes, ears and mind. You are allowed to escape your reality and live in an imaginary world for a short while. The more you play, the more you may be inspired to develop video games on your own.

Parents complain that video gaming is addictive and takes precious time out of their kids’ schedules. Although that is partly true, the reality is

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